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How To Sell Replicas Legally

If you’re searching for a side hustle, here is a brief article on how to sell replicas legally without being caught. Many replica items such as bags, shoes, and electronic items to sell. And you’ll earn a living from some of the top sellers.

To sell replicas legally, you’ll need to create an account with an online platform and display your items. Then, you can start receiving orders and delivering them to get paid. Your business can be offline or online. For offline selling, set your store in a city where replicas selling is legal while online selling is successful on platforms such as Amazon.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sell Replicas Legally

Create an Account

Whether you decide to sell counterfeit products on Amazon or Facebook, you need to set up an account. It is essential to look for a site that doesn’t have strict policies in terms of the payment methods and control over the products you sell. Besides, if a site doesn’t allow fake products, please avoid it because you might lose your business.  

Navigate to the Privacy Policy page and check their shipping, payment, and delivery policies to learn about a platform’s policy. A site that allows you to modify the shipping settings and set the payment options to check or money order is suitable for your business.

Know What to Sell

You can sell many replicas to buyers, from jewelry to shoes. However, you need to choose your niche for a successful business. For example, if you choose to sell shoes, you can have kids, men, or women types. 

Besides, work with particular brands, especially those that people like. For instance, most people like Adidas shoes. You can get replicas of such shoes at a lower price and sell them to profit. If you are a shoe designer, you can buy a sample of an Adidas shoe, create similar shoes, and put a fake Adidas label.

List Your Items and Attach Quality Photos

Once you have decided to sell replicas legally and settled on the niche, you can list the items on your site. Have a perfect listing and provide details of each product to tell your customers what you are selling. Create compelling descriptions to convince your customers that you are selling products similar to the original ones. 

Apart from the description, attach quality photos of the products. Selling fake items is not easy, and hence you have to find all the ways to attract customers. Therefore, find a good camera to take pictures of your products to generate sales.

Set a Shipping Policy

Tell your customers whether you ship your items locally or internationally as you set your shipping policy. Besides, indicate the shipping charges and whether you or the buyer will pay the fee. In the case of selling replicas, it would be good to set your shipping internationally to attract more clients.

Besides, suppose you are selling on a platform that allows you to edit your payment method options. In that case, you can accept payment via money transfers and mobile payments like PayPal. Once a customer orders a product, edit your policy to show that you only accept payment via money orders and checks. Checks and money orders do not have chargebacks, as is in the case for bank transfers and PayPal. If the customer likes the product, they won’t hesitate to pay.

Give Special Offers

To legally sell replicas and make profits, attract customers with limited offers. You can give discounted or free shipping, auction pricing, or an additional gift to your products.

On the other hand, you can encourage them to pay via money order and check by offering discounts to people who pay through them. You will avoid charges and losing money if a customer doesn’t like the product.

Online Platforms to Legally Sell Replicas


Amazon allows people to sell counterfeit items without being caught. The platform accepts payment via money orders and checks, making it easier for replicas sellers. One of the simple strategies to use is to sell your products at a lower price because buyers are attracted to items at a lower cost without considering if the product is original or fake.  

Another strategy you can use is cooperating with Amazon and allowing a third-party seller to deliver the item to your customer. As a result, the client won’t realize the product’s authenticity simply because it comes from Amazon.


One of the most selling replica products on eBay is shoes. The platform allows you to sell replicas as they are legal and not counterfeit items. These replicas look similar to the original product, but they are cheaper. Besides, the manufacturers license them.

Ali Express

It is a platform that offers an excellent place to sell replicas such as jewelry, shoes, and bags. Most of the successful sellers at Ali Express started their business by selling counterfeits.

How to sell replicas legally on this site becomes a success when you set favorable prices. The customers won’t realize the product is a replica until they use it and spoil it within a few months. However, you may get negative reviews, but you can overcome this by opening new accounts.

Selling Replicas Offline

Apart from selling replicas on online platforms, you can set up a store to sell such products. However, before you set up such a business, it is crucial to know if selling replicas is legal in that city. Otherwise, you can be sued.

Perhaps your customers discover that you are selling counterfeit products. In that case, they may return the product or even involve the police. You are also likely to get negative comments from them. As a result, your store will not do well. Therefore, selling replicas offline may not be a profitable business idea.


How to sell replicas legally can be a good side hustle if you master the tricks. Different online platforms such as Amazon and Ali Express allow people to sell counterfeit products. All you need to do is set up an account, advertise your products and wait for customers to make orders. However, it may not be a good business idea if you want a physical location.