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How Do You Make a Home Office Look And Feel Clean At All Times?

If you work from home, your home office should be clean and tidy at all times. This is not only to make the space decent to live in, but also to improve your productivity.

While hiring Arlington house cleaning services would be the best way to keep the home office clean, you don’t have to if your budget doesn’t allow it. This is because, you can do it all by yourself.

To help you out, here are tricks to keep your home office looking and feeling clean at all times:

Clean It Regularly

You can’t have your office looking clean and inspiring if you don’t clean it, can you? To keep the home office clean, clean it daily. Before you start your day’s work, wipe the desk and chair with a wet cloth.

Besides doing this, you should have a weekly cleaning schedule where you deep clean the home office. When doing the cleaning, you should make the necessary filings and discard any item you aren’t using.

Get Rid of Desk Clutter

It’s on your desk where the magic happens. This is where you develop the day’s plan, accomplish your gigs, and do many other tasks. As you can tell, you can’t achieve this much when the space is cluttered and disorganized, can you?

As a rule of thumb, get rid of anything you aren’t using.

For the things you use, stack them by size.

If you have things you can’t organize, put them in a basket, then place the basket behind a closed door.

You should organize all areas, including the shelves and countertops. 

To keep the countertops clean, have a shallow tray that can handle all the files in the office. 

Make Your Bed

If you don’t have a large house, you most likely have a desk in your bedroom, and this is your office.

Even if you have cleaned the bedroom with the best cleaning products, there is no way it will look clean if there are bedsheets, pillows, clothes, and all matter of items strewn all over.

Make your bed every morning to maintain a clean look and make your bedroom inspiring to work in.

Add a Pleasant Scent

Besides making your house office look clean, you also need to make it smell clean. 

To do this, add some scents. Excellent options include: a spray, a fragranced candle, a reed diffuser, or any other thing of your liking.

If you live alone, use a scent you like, but if many of you live in the same house, use a neutral smell that will appeal to most of you.

As much as a great scent is appealing, avoid overusing it as it might be off-putting.

Stick To One Filing Drawer

If you visit many home offices, you will find filing cabinets. While homeowners use them to keep the home office from looking cluttered, it sometimes has the opposite impact.

This is because some people stuff them with too many items than necessary. As a result, the office looks dirty and disorganized.

To keep your office clean and organized, stick to one drawer. When the drawer fills up, don’t get another. Instead, go through the items you have stored there and discard the unnecessary.

If you have got old but important files, keep them in a cardboard box file, then store the box as far away from the home office as possible.

Hide the Wires and Cables

You have wires running from the wall to your computer, printer, desk lights, etc. You might be having the cleanest house office, but it will look disorganized if wires and cables are dangling all over.

There is also the risk of tripping when you bump into these wires.

Keep the cables and wires hidden to keep the office looking clean and get rid of the tripping hazards. As a rule of thumb, place your desk close to a power outlet to prevent the wire from running a long distance.

Instead of coming from diverse points, consider using a surge protector that will have the cords connected to the same outlet.

Parting Shot

These are some of the excellent ways to keep your house office smelling and looking good. Get rid of clutter, keep the cables away, add some scent, and you are good to go.

If you do all the above and still the house doesn’t look as good as you would want, hire a professional cleaner to help out.

Ensure that the professional you hire is highly experienced for the best outcome. The last thing you want is someone that causes more mess than is already there.