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The Best Customer Service Courses And Training

The determining condition for the economic health of an organization is its ability to adapt to changing conditions of the internal and external environment. Therefore, today the costs associated with staff training are beginning to be considered a priority and necessary.

According to statistics, 59% of organizations conduct large-scale training of personnel and managers of different levels, realizing that only trained, highly qualified, and highly motivated staff will be a determining factor in the development of a business.

What Is A Customer Service Certification?

Employee training is carried out in order to improve the quality of customer service. Various customer service certification programs aimed at improving the qualifications of specialists are being implemented.

Certification usually involves online training for customer service for a certain duration aimed at ensuring personnel training using individual training programs and uniform assessment criteria.

What Tasks Can Customer Service Certification Solve?

The benefits received by the organization as a result of personnel certification include the following:

  • Solving problems associated with new areas of activity and maintaining the necessary level of competitiveness (improving the quality and productivity of personnel, reducing costs, etc.);

  • Increasing the ability of employees to adapt to changing socio-economic conditions and various market requirements;

  • Disseminating among employees the core values and priorities of the organizational culture.

For the employee, the benefits of customer service certification are as follows:

  • Higher job satisfaction;
  • The growth of self-esteem.

Basic Types Of Customer Service Certifications

There are 5 main types of customer service certification, each of which involves the mastery of certain knowledge and skills by the employee:

  1. Client Services Certification. This variety of certifications provides a thorough understanding of the customer service industry;

  2. Customer Support Service Certification. Regardless of whether you have experience working as a customer service rep, you can get social media customer support certification and gain valuable skills in communicating with clients and solving various problems in person or online;

  3. Client Services Manager Certification. If you are a service rep but want to take a leadership position, pay attention to the client services manager certification. It is what you need;

  4. Help Desk Certification. After training and receiving help desk certification, you will learn to use help desk software and make customer service more efficient;

  5. Call Center Certification. Many service representatives start their careers in a call center. Training in this area is also very important because it ensures a high level of labor productivity. Experts note that 55% of call centers train new operators for 6-12 weeks.
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Customer Service Training Programs You Should Pay Attention To

In general, there are a fairly large number of training courses for customer service. The best are described in the sections below.

Customer Service Fundamentals 

This is excellent training for customer service representatives from Coursera. It is divided into 4 modules and provides students with the basics of customer service.

The course is recommended primarily for those just starting their career path in the customer service field.

Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers

This course from LinkedIn Learning will help you learn how to have positive conversations with even the most demanding customers. You will receive valuable advice from experts and learn how to act correctly in various problem situations.

The course is paid for. However, it is possible to use a 1-month free trial subscription. Successful completion of the course entails the issuance of a certificate.

Delivering Bad News To A Customer

A customer service rep sometimes has to deliver bad news to a customer (e.g., an item is out of stock, delivery cannot be made quickly, etc.). This LinkedIn Learning course will help you learn how to deliver bad news to a client without the slightest difficulty.

Customer Service Refresher Training

This course from Business Training Works will improve the skills of those with experience in the customer service industry. It is also great for beginners.

Understanding Body Language

The service representative must learn to understand the customer without further ado. Mastering body language will help you understand how clients feel and how they think. The Understanding Body Language course from the Home Study Center is a great choice!

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Customer Service Training

This course from Udemy is one of the most popular today. It teaches effective customer service and includes many practical tasks. In addition, useful tips on team leadership will help everyone succeed!

Call Center Customer Service

If you work or want to work in a call center, check out the Call Center Customer Service course from EdApp Microlearning. You will learn the basics of working as a call center representative and get good expert tips.

Therefore, certification in customer service is critical. Luckily, it’s easy to get. Today there are many online courses in customer service that you can take. Choose the best one and benefit from putting the acquired knowledge into practice!