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TokUpgrade Review – We Are Impressed

TokUpgrade Review – We Are Impressed

Editor’s Review: TokUpgrade is up there with other reputable TikTok growth services on the market with their list of features and tools that can help with your engagement. You can think of them as your very own personal TikTok growth assistant that wants to keep your account safe.

TokUpgrade has a platform that allows you to grow awareness of your brand on TikTok through the use of their smart filters.

TokUpgrade also puts a special focus on making sure that your account is safe and falling well within the terms and conditions that TikTok lays out for these types of services. Let’s take a look at their features.

This service is a newbie to the TikTok growth market, but their client reviews show that it is well-loved already.

TokUpgrade Review: Features


Below we’ve listed some of TokUpgrade’s most popular features according to user reviews:

  • Influencer Targeting: targets influencers that are in the same niche as you, which includes their audience as well. This means that you’ve got a good chance of their audience liking your content as well, which could turn them into your followers.
  • Username Targeting: TokUpgrade can focus on usernames of people that you think are relevant to your niche, or that they think are going to be interested in your content.
  • Location Targeting: perhaps you are trying to promote your business that’s local, which means you’re only really looking to find people in the same area. TokUpgrade can limit it’s search to this, so you’re only targeting people who are within walking or driving distance.
  • Hashtag Targeting: this is a common growth service feature, and it allows TokUpgrade to target your audience through hashtags that you provide them relevant to your industry.
  • Strategic Planning: TokUpgrade knows that it takes strategy to plan out a successful engagement plan, so they make sure to sit down with you and go through what you want out of an engagement strategy.
  • Dedicated Growth Expert: TokUpgrade can also connect you with a personal growth expert that will monitor your progress on the gram.
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TokUpgrade has two different price points.

Tokupgrade Pricing

Review Conclusion

As you can see, TokUpgrade has all the necessary features of a growth service, along with some additional ones as well that you won’t find with too many other companies.

Their price points are divided into two simple packages, which is helpful because most of the time, their clients are either an influencer or a business. If you run a business, we recommend contacting TokUpgrade directly about their ‘extreme growth’ service, as this could really help to get your brand off the ground.

All in all, we think that TokUpgrade is an excellent TikTok growth service with a solid reputation that has been serving their clients both safely and effectively for a while now. If you’re looking for a practical approach to your TikTok engagement, we suggest giving TokUpgrade a go.