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What Is Apple Cash And How Does It Work?

Since 2017, the question on everyone’s lips has been, “What is Apple Cash?”. On launching their new payment method, iOS left users and non-users curious.

Apple Cash is a digital card stored in the Apple Wallet to send and receive money through Messages or the Apple Wallet. When you receive money on the platform, it reflects on your Apple Cash card.

You can spend these funds using Apple Pay or decide to transfer them to your local bank. Apple Cash fuels Apple Pay, making it easy to purchase online.

In this article, you’ll understand how the Apple payment system works and how you can utilize it. Make sure to read all the way to the end to better understand what this is all about.

So, What Is Apple Cash?

Apple Cash is funds made available virtually by linking to a credit or debit card. This balance is stored in the Apple Wallet, which is ideal for sending and receiving money through Messages or Wallet.

Your Apple Cash card in Wallet will reflect the amount you’ve received, and you can spend funds via Apple Pay. Apple Pay makes it easy to buy things in-store, online, and with their app.

It facilitates safe, contactless payments. You simply use Apple Cash, Apple Card, and any other credit or debit cards you add to your Apple Wallet. Wherever Apple Pay is accepted, you may use your Apple Cash balance to make a purchase.

The company began this invention through collaboration with American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. In January 2013, they began working together on the project they had been discussing for years.

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Together, they produced a system where digital tokens with a finite lifespan would replace sharing sensitive data. The service was unveiled on September 9, 2014, at a presentation for Apple’s iPhone 6 and launched in December 2017.

How Does Apple Cash Work?

As previously stated, Apple Cash is programmed to work with Messages. Siri may also be used to send money to a contact you’ve added. 

By default, Apple Pay will use your Apple Cash card to make a payment. However, in some cases, the amount you wish to transfer may be more than the amount available on your Apple Cash card.

In such times, you can select another payment method, such as a debit card or bank account. If the person you sent money to doesn’t want the money, you can cancel the transaction.

The funds are instantly added to your Apple Cash card inside the Wallet when you receive Apple Cash. You can withdraw money from your bank account or use it like any other card within Apple Pay from here.

In your first Apple Cash transaction, you will have seven days to confirm receipt of the funds. Also, you can choose to opt-out of automatic payment acceptance after agreeing to the terms and conditions.


The new payment system from Apple holds numerous benefits for prospective customers. As a matter of fact, many who have used it have found it very efficient compared to some other payment methods. With this post, you should have a comprehensive answer before using it.