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Does Wawa Take Apple Pay?

With roadside robbers becoming increasingly active and common in the gas station regions, it’s essential to keep cash in one’s digital or e-wallets. Apple Pay is a seemingly fast, secure, and convenient mobile payment system that has won the hearts of many consumers. That being said, if you drive a lot, you might be familiar with Wawa convenience stores. These stores have everything from basic necessities to trivial items. So, this makes many wonder: does Wawa take Apple Pay?

Yes, Wava does accept Apple Pay to enhance the customer experience and facilitate users with super convenient methods such as Apple Pay. So, whether you want to top up your fuel tank or load some snacks, Apple Pay boasts an incredibly seamless way to make purchases in a few moments. This means you are now a mile away from credit card fraud and identity theft. Thanks to Apple Pay for making this possible.

Let’s roll over to the use of Apple Pay at the Wawa store and how to set it up in the easiest way with a few simple steps. Also, don’t forget to learn about more payment options from Wawa and the rewards Apple Pay offers.

What is Wawa?

Wawa is a corner store that mainly deals in coffee, food, hoagies, and beverage products. Not only this, but their hot products for breakfast are a must-have, especially Sizzli. You get an interactive screen when you order in-store with an extensive display. 

Wawa’s journey began in 1964 in Pennsylvania. Since then, it has recruited over 37,000 employees and rakes in sales of $13 billion annually. Wawa is known to provide exceptional customer service

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Does Wawa Accept Apple Pay?

It is no secret that cashless or digital payments are taking the world by storm and benefitting every user in terms of superior security and comfort. When shopping from Wawa, you can leave your risky credit cards behind, as this retail giant accepts Wawa Apple Pay. 

This makes the payment process smoother than ever and without any hindrance. With pickpocketing a significant problem at convenience stores, this is genuinely an incredible initiative taken by Wawa to integrate Apple Pay services into their systems. 

To make payment procedures a breeze for all, Wawa does have other payment options to facilitate all of their consumers. So, hang on, as we will be discussing it shortly.

How to Pay Via Apple Pay at Wawa

Setting up an Apple wallet should be your first step to start making your purchases at the Wawa store.

How to Set up an Apple Wallet

Setting up an Apple wallet is easier than you think. Here are some steps that require your attention to sweeten the setup process.

  1. Launch the wallet app on your iPhone and tap on the + button.
  2. Click “Add a Card” and link your desired credit or debit card for future purchases.
  3. Tap on continue after finalizing everything.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to go through and choose the card issuer using the search console.
  5. The next step is all about verification. Enter your id password to move on.
  6. That’s it! You’re now eligible to make payments using Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay at Wawa Stores

Once you’re done setting up your Apple wallet, making a payment is a piece of cake. Here’s what you need to do to pay via Apple Pay through an iPhone or an Apple watch.

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  1. Go to the checkout with your iPhone or an Apple watch.
  2. You will receive a notification of an incoming payment.
  3. Double-press the side button on your iPhone to select the default card.
  4. Bring your device near the payment terminal and allow NFC or scanner to read it.
  5. Once done, you will notice a vibration or beep sound with a checkmark on the screen.


This is all you need to pay via Apple Pay. You might be surprised to see how easy and exciting it is after a few trial payments at different locations. Plus, it’s becoming important to know its use with daily credit card thefts increasing. So, learn, implement, and save yourself from unwanted thefts.