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Does Jack In The Box Take Apple Pay?

You may love to eat at Jack In The Box, but does Jack In The Box take Apple Pay? This is a question that needs answering. Someone may avoid Jack In The Box, thinking the store doesn’t accept digital wallet payments. It is time this cloud of doubt was made to vanish, and people get to find the truth.

If you wonder whether Jack In The Box accepts Apple Pay or not, the good news is that they accept it as one of their payment methods. And you can pay with Apple Pay whether you’re ordering food at the restaurant or at their drive-thru. They started the offering use of Apple Pay as an optional payment method relatively early.

What is Jack In The Box?

Established on February 21, 1951, Jack In The Box is one of the most prominent fast-food chain in the US. It was started by Robert O. Peterson and with it’s flagship location situated in San Diego, California. Today, Jack In The Box comprises over 2,200 stores, mainly scattered along the West Coast of the US.

You’ll also find Jack In The Box stores outside the West Coast. Other areas include Denver, Phoenix, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Nashville, Houston, and Indianapolis. Jack In The Box also operated the Qdoba Mexican Grill food chain. However, Apollo Global Management gained ownership of these in December 2017.

Does Jack In The Box Take Apple Pay?

Jack In The Box accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. You can use this benefit while dining at one of their stores or through their drive-thru. The chain of fast foods started accepting Apple Pay pretty early. The chain included Apple Pay as one of its payment options early in 2019. They made it acceptable in all of their 2,200 stores. However, it is essential to remember that Jack In The Box does not accept Apple Pay if you use their app.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Jack In The Box?

Most of you may not know how to use Apple Pay to pay for your food at Jack In The Box. These steps should help you clear the doubt.

  • Unlock your phone to start the process. When you open the Apple Pay app, you must go through your device’s standard security process. These may include fingerprint, password, PIN, facial recognition, or pattern. In a way, this helps to safeguard your funds and personal information should your phone be stolen or lost.
  • Open the app after successfully going through the device security. However, it’s crucial not to make the mistake of opening the app too early. This may shut down the app before you reach the register. Choose your preferred card that you wish to use for the payment.
  • After finding out the total on the bill, bring your iPhone close to the POS system. Apple Pay uses the NFC technology that works within a minimum of a couple of feet. However, keeping the device a few inches away from the POS will be good. You will get recognition once your iPhone successfully connects with the POS system.
  • After connecting successfully, you’ll be met with a green checkmark indicating the payment has been processed. Although you may be asked to provide a PIN or signature at other stores, Jack In The Box ensures a complete contactless payment process.

Can Apple Pay Be Used At the Jack In The Box Drive-Thru?

If you opt to order food at the Jack In The Box drive-thru, you can use Apple Pay for the payment. That said, actioning the payment may be a bit more uncomfortable through the drive-thru. The reason is that you’ll need to reach out to ensure your phone is as close as possible to the credit card terminal.


Gone are the days when you needed to carry money while dining outside. All you need is a digital wallet to pay your dining bills in these technologically advanced times. This popular US fast-food chain allows digital wallet payments. This includes paying through the Apple Pay app. You can use Apple Pay to pay for your food bills while dining at one of their locations or through their drive-thru.