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Does Food Lion Take Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay receiving lots of praise, many Food Lion customers have asked, “Does Food Lion take Apple Pay?”. Apple Pay can be used in stores, apps, and websites. But, the point is not every retailer accepts it. Food Lion is a grocery store chain located in the southeastern United States. The company 

has headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina, and owns over 1,000 stores in 10 US states. 

It’s good to report that Food Lion does take Apple Pay as a form of payment. You now have an excellent opportunity to make contactless purchases. All you need is to set up an Apple wallet before you can pay for groceries at Food Lion. Food Lion cares for their customers and vouches to make payment processing as frictionless as possible.

Read on to learn more about how Apple Pay works, what rewards you can expect with the rebate, and more.

What is a Food Lion?

Food Lion embarked on their journey in 1957 with a single store location. And, now they have over 1,100 supermarkets operating all across the United States in 10 different states. The large grocery store is situated in Salisbury, North Carolina. Interestingly, they have employed over 88,000 workers across their stores, occupying different open positions. 

Food Lion was initially known as Food Town. However, as the brand established its presence, the company came up with a name they felt was representative of the brand. And that name was Food Lion.

Now that you know what the Food Lion company is let’s look at the variety of payment options they offer for their customers’ convenience.

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Does Food Lion Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is becoming extremely popular worldwide among stores and supermarkets. As such, every store owner is looking to integrate Apple Pay services to make the payment process as smooth as possible. 

Plus, a contactless payment offers absolute ease, as you don’t have to carry a stack of credit cards to make payments. And, with increasing credit card frauds and thefts, Apple Pay is now a must-have. 

As for the other payment options, you can pay through Amex cards, Mastercard, VISA cards, credit and debit cards, cash, and checks.

Food Lion accepts Apple Pay, which means making purchases at Food Lion is now a no-brainer.

Food Lion stated that, if it’s all about making purchases with comfort and security, then we don’t mind adding Apple Pay to our list of payment options.

How to Pay Via Apple Pay At Food Lion

To start paying via Apple Pay, the first step requires setting up an Apple wallet. Here’s how to do it.

How to Set Up an Apple Wallet

  1. Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the “+” button to  “Add a Card”.
  2. After adding your credit card and putting all the credit card information, tap on “Continue”.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts and choose the bank issuer of your card from the search bar given to you.
  4. The next step is all about verification and confirming as a card owner.
  5. That’s it! You’re now eligible to use Apple Pay at Food Lion.

How to Pay Through Apple Pay

Once you’re done setting up your Apple wallet, now making payments through Apple Pay is nothing. Here are some steps to get you started.

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  1. Go to the checkout with your iPhone or an Apple watch.
  2. You might be notified of an incoming payment on your device.
  3. Select the default card by double-pressing the side button on your iPhone.
  4. NFC reader will scan your iPhone or an Apple watch to process the purchases.
  5. Once it’s finished, there’ll be a vibration or a beep sound with a check mark.


We hope you now have a better perspective on how to use Apple Pay at Food Lion. And how to make the payments faster and more secure than ever. Start using cashless payments to feel more safe and secure whenever you’re out and about to make payments.