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Does Dominos Take Apple Pay?

Sometimes, Dominos’ customers may prefer to use Apple Pay and wonder, ‘does Dominos take Apple Pay? ’Though the company already has several payment channels, fans of Apple may still prefer to make payments via their phones. So can someone pay for their purchase using their Apple Wallet?

Dominos take Apple Pay for payments made through their application, on their website, and while in-store. With Dominos iPhone app, anyone can order and pay for their pizza in just a few clicks. If you’re present in the store, you can also pay using your iPhone, as many Dominos store uses NFC technology. There are rewards for customers who use the Dominos App. 

Do you need more details on how to use Apple Pay to checkout at Dominos? Keep reading for more comprehensive answers to your question, ‘does Dominos take Apple Pay?’

What Is Dominos?

Since 1960, Dominos pizza has been the top choice for pizza enthusiasts in the United States and beyond. Two brothers – Tom and James Monaghan- bought the company from its previous owner, Dominick DeVarti. It wasn’t until 1965 – after five years of running it, they changed the name to ‘Dominos.’

Afterward, the duo made several developments as they spread the span of the restaurant, adding two outlets. One of such reformations was the development of the company’s logo, which had dots representing its three branches. However, though the idea of the dots remains, the company has over 17,000 locations worldwide.

The company’s founder sold over 93% of it in 1998 following his retirement announcement. David Brandon has remained the CEO of the company since 1999. It presently has over 290,000 employees, including franchises, with a net income of over $400 million in 2020.

Does Dominos Take Apple Pay?

Dominos has several platforms which they use to relate with their customers. These platforms include their website, Domino App, and all physical stores globally. 

So, does Dominos take Apple Pay? The company allows several payment gateways, and for the good news, Apple Pay is on the list.

However, they inevitably accept Apple Pay for their mobile app alone. Customers still have doubts about Domino accepting Apple Pay for in-store and online orders. We believe it’s just a matter of time before this development spreads across its many branches.

How to Pay with Apple Pay at Dominos

Several Dominos locations have the requisite card readers to accept NFC payments. You should remember that this is the technology used by Apple Pay to connect to payment terminals. All you have to do is get your Apple wallet up and running.

If you previously used your Apple wallet for transactions, you shouldn’t worry about this section. You should consider getting the Apple wallet app first and setting it up for those who haven’t.

After downloading and launching the app, link the card you require. This will be either your credit or debit card. Afterward, you may have to wait for a little while for payment details to be confirmed. Once you’ve passed that process, you can now make payments using Apple Pay.

Purchasing Instore with Apple Pay at a Dominos

Firstly, ensure the Domino outlet in question accepts in-store Apple payments. You may have to go through the app alone if it doesn’t. 

However, if it does, open your wallet app and wait as it recognizes the checkout machine. You may need to scan the machine to complete your payment.

Purchasing Online with Apple Pay at a Dominos

Using the online method and the application to complete your order is no big deal. Ensure your phone’s Apple wallet is set correctly. 

If it is, you should be able to complete your payment efficiently by selecting the Apple Pay option at checkout. Follow the on-screen guide to round up your payment.

Dominos Cashback and Rewards

Apple Pay promises a 2% cashback offer for customers who make payments through their platform. After using Apple Pay to buy from Dominos, you are also eligible for this offer. Additionally, you earn points for using the Domino App, which can accumulate into a free pizza over time.


This article should end your question, ‘does Dominos take Apple Pay?’ with well-detailed answers. If you prefer using Apple Pay, you can subsequently use it when purchasing from Dominos. Also, don’t forget to get the Dominos App and start stacking rewards – your free pizza might just be close!