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When Does Fashion Nova Restock?

When a Fashion Nova product you love is out of stock, you might ask yourself: When does Fashion Nova restock? Different people have different opinions about the restocking of items at Fashion Nova. But what exactly is the fact?

The most popular items usually restock within three business days, says Fashion Nova. In this case, if your product of choice becomes temporarily out of stock, you need not worry as it will be back in stock soon. Also, Fashion Nova restocks items that aren’t currently on its hottest list, allowing you to find what you want.

About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an American retail company specializing in fast fashion. They offer products online and have various physical stores around the country. 

The company does a lot of marketing through social media platforms, especially Instagram. Richard Saghian, the CEO of Fashion Nova, founded the company in 2006. 

He helped his father run a clothing brand in Los Angeles throughout his career. A few years later, he developed Fashion Nova’s first e-commerce site. 

Earlier this year, Fashion Nova also introduced its Curve Collection. At the same time, it launched its menswear line in 2018 to add to its existing portfolio.

When Does Fashion Nova Restock Online?

Fashion Nova says that items with high demand usually restock within three business days. When you are ordering a product you like, you do not need to worry if it is temporarily unavailable as it will be available again shortly. 

Apart from restocking items on its hot list, Fashion Nova also restocks other popular items, not on the list. This makes it easier for you to find what you want.

The Fashion Nova store is constantly being restocked, with most items added every three days. On average, the offline stores restock two to three times per week. Fashion Nova constantly updates its inventory to stay updated with the latest market trends. 

The ability to identify when stores restock can provide you with a substantial advantage, letting you take advantage of the best pricing and latest styles available. Due to Fashion Nova’s affordable prices and high-quality products, their customers are delighted with them.

What Days of the Week Does Fashion Nova Restock?

Online sales represent a significant percentage of Fashion Nova’s total sales. Because of this, online services are what they tend to market and restock. 

Therefore, there are no fixed days when Fashion Nova physical stores restock their shelves. As for restocking, Fashion Nova has different policies based on location. 

In most cases, restocking takes place once a week at least. While some Fashion Nova stores usually stock their shelves every three days. However, Fashion Nova has not revealed any fixed day of restocking.

There may be times when Fashion Nova does not have enough items to complete your purchase. In this case, it usually takes three business days for their hottest items to restock. 

So, you might have to wait for a few more days to receive your desired product. Instead of canceling your order, they will hold your order until it becomes available again, and then the order will be processed. 

Other than this, they might also refund your payment in case of unavailable items. So, if you place multiple orders at Fashion Nova and one of them does not become available, the remaining orders will proceed as usual. 

You will receive the available items, and your original payment method will receive a refund for any unavailable items. Check the site to see if the out-of-stock item becomes available again if you are still interested in buying it.

What Is the Shipping Time on Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova ships within four business days within the United States. Holidays, weekends, and US public holidays are not part of the business day. 

Based on the circumstances and the location, the shipping time may even take longer. After a customer orders an item, Fashion Nova receives it within 12 hours and processes it within two business days. 

However, for customer satisfaction, Fashion Nova makes every effort to deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Remember that Fashion Nova’s four-day shipping time is only within the country. 

If you are ordering outside from the United States, you may wait for a few more days. Fashion Nova will ship internationally within six to eight business days, excluding holidays. 

Upon placing an order with Fashion Nova, the company will receive the order and prepare for shipping. This process takes Fashion Nova around two business days. 

Upon completing this process, the item will ship within four business days. Your location can affect the delivery time for international shipments. But they’re trying to get them to you as quickly as possible.

How Long Does Fashion Nova Take to Deliver?

Fashion Nova ships the majority of its orders on time. However, the shipping and fulfillment of the product might take slightly longer than expected in light of COVID-19 and the restrictions placed upon it. 

During the year 2022, Fashion Nova plans to deliver orders as quickly as possible, with shipments between 3 and 4 business days. Fashion Nova customers experience three steps during the buying process: receiving, processing, and shipping.

The first thing you need to do is place your order with Fashion Nova’s team, and it may take up to 12 hours for them to process it. When it receives your order, it will process it for shipment, and after that, it will deliver your items within four working days.

If, after placing the order, you want to know where your order is, you can track it through the official website. Fashion Nova offers a mobile app that enables you to track your order in addition to using a third-party website.  

You can check your tracking number in the orders tab of the Fashion Nova app in your profile if you use the app. Your tracking number will then help you identify the location of the order. 

Is It Possible to Get a Refund on Fashion Nova?

If you cancel or return your order, you will receive a refund. Fashion Nova has a return policy to help you know better about their refund procedure. 

However, returning merchandise will not result in a refund of shipping costs. If you wish to return your order, you can do so via the Fashion Nova app. Fashion Nova will then receive your return and evaluate the item before reimbursing you.  


If you don’t know the day and time of the restock, shopping for your favorite item can be challenging due to the high demand for Fashion Nova products.

According to Fashion Nova, each of the most popular items has its stock replenished within three business days. You do not need to worry about out-of-stock products because they will be available again soon. 

Furthermore, Fashion Nova makes sure to restock less popular items for your convenience. Fashion Nova stores do not have a set schedule for restocking, and each restocks on its day. The customer can inquire at the store as to when new inventory will be available in specific locations.