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When Does Ross Restock?

Knowing when Ross restocks can help you get your hands on the best products. Ross is amongst the largest deep-discount clothing stores that have turned the most prominent bargain hunters into their all-time loyal customers. 

Ross is a well-known discount department store chain in the United States.. Even during the pandemic time, Ross received their new shipments every day. Before that, Ross usually restocked or received shipments a few times per week. Choosing the best day and time to ensure the best shopping results is essential. However, location a crucial factor that comes into play when Ross restocks.

The base of loyal devotees has kept their retail stores swimming and not sinking even during the pandemic. To shop at your nearest Ross store, you need to know when they restock. Knowing their restock time can help you pick your order more conveniently. 

This article will help you understand when Ross restocks and the best time for you to visit their outlet.

When Were Ross Stores Started?

Ross Dress for Less is a well-known chain of off-price department stores based in the United States. Dublin, California is their headquarters. As of 2018, Ross stores are the country’s largest off-price store, covering much of the United States.

Morris ‘Morrie’ Ross, founder of the chain that became known as “Ross Stores Inc,” began the firm in 1950. The initial store was established in San Bruno, California. He single-handedly managed his entire store, from buying items to bookkeeping. Working for more than 85 hours a week for eight years, Ross couldn’t keep up with the routine. 

The store was sold in 1958 to William Isackson. Isackson built this company and opened five more stores in Novato, Pacifica, Vacaville, Redwood City, and Castro Valley. In 1982, the Ross department store was bought by investors. 

Investors changed the business model for Ross Stores to off-price retail units. They could scale up the business and expand the chain to 107 stores. By 1995, Ross Stores Inc. made an annual sale of up to $1.4 billion. It had over 292 locations in 18 different states.

This company grew by over six folds in the next 17 years. Ross Dress for Less now has over 1523 stores in 39 states in the United States, District of Columbia, and Guam. 

When Does Ross Restock Their shelves?

Even after the pandemic had hit, Ross continued to receive new shipments of clothing and other goods in the morning. They received new stock each day of the week. Before the pandemic, they restocked twice or thrice a week. Although they do not have a fixed stock-up schedule, you can always sign up for their newsletter to stay updated. 

Generally, they receive new shipments and restock them between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is executed on most days in a week. 

What is Ross Restock?

Ross Restock is a service that costs $2.99 for all non-members. But all Ross RedCard members receive the service at no additional cost. This method allows all shoppers to stock up their essentials. Using your ZIP code, you’re able to keep an eye on stock at Ross. And you can place the order for essential items before 19:00 on weekdays. 

What Items are Restocked at Ross?

Every critical product, including shoes and apparel, furniture, beauty, bedding, jewelry, toys, and housewares is restocked on a regular basis. They also restock grocery items, perishables, and necessary home goods. 

You can also get seasonal products like winter and summer clothing when Ross restocks. In short, they supply every product that their customers need. 

Does Ross Restock Every Day?

Ross restocks their products every day based on the demands and locations. The shipment can be different for a few locations, but the rest receive a delivery every day of the week. The loaded truck arrives every morning or evening and restocks the products as soon as possible. 

What time does Ross Restock?

Usually, Ross restocks in the early morning from 6:00 am to 10:00 am. At times this is done overnight between 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The stores are generally restocked after the stores are closed. However, they restocked the products the night before the stores opened during the pandemic. 

The timeline can differ for various locations, but most locations follow the same schedule. Large goods, essential items, and other high-demand products also get restocked simultaneously. Today, Ross is amongst the fastest corporations of suppliers in the US. 

Some stores get five shipments a day, whereas some receive only two shipments weekly. This depends entirely on how busy the retail store is. To find the store’s peak shopping times, you can use the Ross mobile app. 

You can also contact customer support or the store manager to ask when Ross restocks for best results. Another option is to check their inventory online.

What Days does Ross Restock?

Most Ross stores receive the new shipment on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Depending of what’s most convenient for you, can select any of these days. The restocking time may not be exactly the same at different locations. You can call their customer support for help for the best results.

Tips to Get Best Deals When Ross Restocks

Now that you know when Ross restocks their shelves, you should know how to get the best deals at these stores. Here are a few clever tips to maximize your savings at Ross. 

  • Ross offers price markdowns on Monday when the store is usually not that busy. This way, you can get the first dibs on new sales prices.
  • When you shop at Ross, you got to have time to scan all the deals. Make sure that you shop when you are not in a hurry and purchase items with hidden deals.
  • If you are 55 years or older, shop on a Tuesday. Ross celebrates “Senior day” every Tuesday. You will get an extra 10% discount on everything at the store. 
  • Every Ross store has different inventory levels. You can drive around other stores in your area and look for a store with better products. 
  • To maximize your savings when Ross restocks, look for items with prices marked as ‘Irregular.’. Irregular items are those that did not meet the manufacturer’s guidelines and are sold cheaply at Ross. You can save anywhere between 40% and 70%.
  • Buy Ross gift cards on eBay for less than their face value. You can easily save 15% to 25% the next time you purchase from Ross.
  • If you’re in search of employment, try getting a job at Ross Dress for Less. Employees are eligible for a 20% discount on their cart when Ross restocks. As an employee, you can also avail a 40% discount once every three months.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate a better price at the store. There are times when a product packaging gets damaged when Ross restocks. You can get up to 15% off on these products.


Ross is a popular discount department store, where you can get great deals on your everyday essentials. They usually restock their products on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. You can avail of great deals on products when Ross restocks. And they typically offer a discounted price on most products on Mondays when their store is a little empty.

Make sure you get a great deal on products when Ross restocks by going through the store and finding discounted items. You may also receive a respectable discount when negotiating a deal with their employees.