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When Was Wingstop Founded?

When was Wingstop founded? If you’ve heard of this famous restaurant, you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times. Wingstop has come a long way from its first chicken outlet in Garland, Texas. 

Bernadette Fianchetti and Antonio Swad founded Wingstop in 1994. The restaurant was launched with a vision to serve flavorful chicken wings in aviation-themed restaurants. Today, it has over 1,400 restaurants located worldwide that account for 90 percent of its sales. Since Wingstop was founded, it has continued to serve customers unforgettable fast foods, specifically chicken tenders and chicken wings.

The restaurant is well-known for its 11 exceptional chicken flavors that give meaning to the tagline, “where flavor gets its wings.” 

Wingstop’s Initial Public Offer

Since Fianchetti and Swad founded Wingstop in 1994, it has grown to an established international brand of independent franchises. Wingstop began offering franchises in 1997 that experts say is responsible for its phenomenal growth.

Wingstop’s popularity grew even more, when it launched: “thigh stop,” its online digital platform. In 2002, the restaurant recorded its one billionth chicken wing since Wingstop was founded. That was proof of its popularity.

Establishing a solid presence online and its numerous Wingstop’s franchises worldwide inspired its owners to go public in 2015. Since its initial public offer, Wingstop has earned 400 percent returns for its shareholders. And because Wingstop was founded with the vision of creating a solid customer base, it continues to focus on them to date.

Wingstop’s Creative Campaign

If you ask some fast-food lovers, when was Wingstop founded? They may answer, 2019, when the fast-food restaurant embarked on an unforgettable popularization campaign. Probably because that was when they started loving Wingstop.

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The campaign focused on informing customers about its 11 chicken flavors and signature sides to its fans. Since Fianchetti and Swad founded Wingstop, no campaign has been as successful as the 2019 creative campaign. Wingstop’s sales increased by 20 percent that year.

Wingstop: A Successful Chain of Restaurants

Since Wingstop was founded, it has continued to grow each year. Wingstop’s success is due to its online platform and phone application. In June 2020, sixty-three percent of the restaurant’s sales came from Wingstop’s phone app and website.

Therefore, our answer to “when was Wingstop founded shouldn’t surprise you. It has achieved so much since Fianchetti and Swad founded Wingstop in 1994. It’s no surprise that in 31 years, Wingstop’s restaurant franchise has established a strong presence in the US and worldwide.