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Where Can I Sell My Prom Dresses For Cash?

Perhaps you’ve considered selling your prom dresses for cash? Once your prom is over, there is little chance that you will wear your floor-length gown anywhere else. You have already taken enough selfies, and there is just no reason to leave it hanging in your closet. Since you’ll be leaving for college soon, now is the time to sell your prom dress. 

There are tons of websites selling pre-loved prom dresses. These include Prom Again, eBay, Etsy, Tradesy, and Craigslist. And they are just some of the popular online marketplaces. You can sell your prom dresses here for cash before you go off to college. All you have to do is list your prom dresses and connect with the right buyer. 

While you have spent hundreds of dollars on your dress, you need to analyze its current value before selling it. Our tips on where you can sell your prom dresses for cash can help you out. They include popular websites where you can list your dress and the tips for making a good sale. 

Should You Sell Your Prom Dress for Cash?

So many people do not want to spend a ton of money buying their prom dresses. While it might not seem a huge deal for you, it can be great for others. Here are a few reasons why selling prom dresses might be a good idea. 

  1. You Will Probably Never Wear It Again

Prom does leave us with many good memories with people we adore. You’ll never forget your prom. But, let’s be honest, you would probably never wear your prom dress anywhere else. It’s too flashy for a party at college, and your sister would pester your mom for buying her a new one. So, there’s no reason for leaving it hanging in your closet.

  1. It Can be Lucrative

While you might not obtain the total price you spent on your dress, you can get a pretty good amount. This is only possible when you have kept your dress in good condition and don’t have any stains on it. Additionally, taking good photos of your dress and uploading your prom day photo can attract customers.

People always want to picture what they will look like in a dress. Making your customer’s job easier would be to your benefit. And, as such you are more likely to make a sale. 

Tips for Selling Prom Dresses

Selling your dress at the right time for the right price is pretty crucial. If you are thinking of getting cash for your dress one month after the prom, you probably have very little chance. Selling prom dresses just a month before the big day is a better idea. There will be so many people contacting you, asking about your dress.

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These are a few tips for selling prom dresses for cash.

  1. Decide Where You Want to Sell It

Selling prom dresses from an expensive brand is pretty easy on eBay. You should check out similar listings before deciding on a price. If you do not have a designer dress, you can try other platforms. The upcoming portion of our article will discuss this.

If you do not want to pay the shipping charge, you can even sell it at a local store. Or, you can ask one of your friend’s younger sisters if they want to buy it. If your dress is in perfect condition, then you might get anywhere between 30% to 50% of its original retail price.

  1. Get Your Dress Cleaned Professionally

When you sell clothes, especially used ones, it is essential to get them cleaned properly before sending them out. This leaves a good impression on your customer. However, you do need to analyze the resale value of your dress before you get it cleaned and fixed. It’s not worth spending $40 on cleaning if you sell it for $70.

However, a designer dress from an expensive brand can be worth hundreds of dollars. They are worth spending a tiny amount on cleaning and getting it fixed before selling prom dresses through an online marketplace.

  1. Post Several Photos of Your Dress

The best way to lure your customers is to post pretty pictures of your dress. Make sure it is photographed against a contrasting background and has enough light. Clicking pictures in sunlight is the best option.

You should also add a photo of you in your prom dress. This will help your customers imagine how they will turn out on their big day.

Where Can I Sell my Prom Dress?

Not every online marketplace will be able to offer you the best price while selling prom dresses. The best way to make out the maximum profit is to analyze the value of your dress. Then it would help if you considered the commission percentage and shipping charges you will have to pay to the marketplace. The platform that offers the most profit would be your best bet. It would be best to choose the option that caters to your needs.

We have listed a few websites you can turn to while selling prom dresses. 

  1. Prom Again

Prom Again is a popular website where you can buy and sell formal attire and accessories from local and international sellers. This is one of the most popular websites for selling prom dresses. It not only offers you a reasonable price, but it is also quick and easy to set up.

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All you need to do is register on their website, upload the photos of your dress, and reach out to your buyers. Once you decide upon a buyer, you need to pack your dress and ship it to their dress. The best thing about the platform is that you choose the price of your dress and can even include the shipping to the total dress price.

  1. eBay

eBay is the best place to sell everything in the world literally. eBay is perfect if you have a designer dress from an expensive brand. Americans are constantly scrolling through their feed to find something valuable and expensive that they can get at a lower price.

eBay has been in the market for more than two decades now. It’s a trusted and easy-to-use platform. It’s as easy as upload your prom dress and moving on to the next step. The platform will help you decide the price of your dress as well. This ensures that it’s not hard for you to make a good profit. eBay is a prominent and potentially profitable option for buying and selling prom dresses.

  1. Tradesy

Tradesy is another popular platform for selling prom dresses. You can practically sell anything from your closet – from your wedding dress to fast fashion clothes. They have a dedicated audience, which helps sell the dresses faster than other websites. They enhance your product photos by color correcting them. You also get a pre-addressed shipping kit.

Tradesy charges a flat fee of $7.50 for items sold at a price under $50. If you sell anything above that price point, the platform charges 14.9% of the sale. 


Selling prom dresses might be a good idea to make easy cash for your summer. However, you should remember not to cheat your customers and send them shabby clothes. You’ll benefit from not to under-evaluating your dress. Researching the internet and what other people have priced their clothes can help you get an estimate on your dress.

While looking for a place to sell my prom dresses for cash, I found eBay. It gave me the most profit and made things relatively easier for my buyer. However, Prom Again is also a good pick if you want to get things done quickly, without a hassle. Do not forget to look at your local stores before listing your prom dresses for sale on an online marketplace.