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Does Old Navy Take Apple Pay?

Due to the Covid-19 threat, most businesses are shifting to contactless payments, leading us to the question, “Does Old Navy take Apple Pay?”. Besides, the US, where Old Navy operates, is facing a coin shortage. As a result, businesses prefer it when their customers use credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

So, is Old Navy among the businesses promoting the use of Apple Pay? Yes, in its stores, websites, and apps. It has done so to promote contactless and secure payments. Apple Pay is also a perfect solution when shopping in bulk. Besides, Apple card users are lucky to get 2% daily cash up while making payments.

Old Navy store is a popular clothing and accessories retailer company. Since its establishment, it has brought unique fashions into the world.

How Do You Use Apple Pay at Old Navy?

If you have ever used Apple Pay at any place to make payment, the procedure is the same at Old Navy. However, if you have never used it, here is a guide for you.

First, you have to set up your Apple Wallet App on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. To achieve this,

  1. Go to your iPhone settings and click on Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. From there, add your credit card by placing your iPhone over the card until it reads the card’s details or you fill in the details manually. 
  3. Then, accepts Apple’s terms and conditions and do any needed verifications.

Once your Apple Pay is on your iPhone, you can walk into any Old Navy Store and shop. After picking what you wish to buy, head over to the check-out counter, activate your iPhone Wallet App and hold your iPhone over the POS machine until the transaction is successful. It takes you a few seconds to make the payment.

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Can You Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Old Navy?

Since Old Navy accepts Apple Pay, Apple Pay Card users have the chance to get cashback. Besides, you earn cashback for every transaction you make, and they come without transactional limits.

You can get up to 3% cashback per transaction. To learn about the cashback terms and conditions plus eligibility, visit Apple’s official website. Usually, Apple Pay card users get a cashback for every purchase they make via the card.

Therefore, if you are a regular shopper, you can use an Apple Pay card to earn cashback on every transaction. It will add up to huge savings over time.

What are the Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Old Navy?

In 2020, Old Navy started encouraging customers to use Apple Pay. This was evident in other stores such as McDonald’s. Why would such stores encourage customers to use Apple Pay over other payment forms?

  • First, Apple Pay is safe and more secure than debit/credit cards. This is because the Apple Wallet acts as a barrier to protect your transaction details. As a result, the merchant won’t have access to them, preventing any chance of fraudulence.
  • Secondly, Apple Pay speeds up check-out lines because it takes a few seconds for the POS machine to read your Apple Wallet and process the payment.
  • Since the US is going through a coins shortage, Apple Pay is a perfect solution because it reduces the dependence on cash.
  • It is also possible to make one-click payment via Apple Pay
  • Besides, when you set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you will no longer need to carry your cards to the Old Navy Store. As a result, you save your wallet space and reduce the chances of losing your cards.
  • Finally, you can benefit from discounts by providing your debit card to Apple Pay for savings that come with ease of use.
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Which Other Payment Methods Does Old Navy Take?

Since Old Navy is a famous fashion store, it provides other payment methods to cover the needs of every customer. Hence, apart from contactless payment, you can purchase via;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express card
  • Japanese Credit Bank
  • Diners Club
  • Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, and Gap gift cards

When using your credit or debit card at Old Navy, it would be best to insert the chip card into the card reader instead of sliding the magnetic strip. This is because chip cards are difficult to trace your payment information, reducing the chances of fraud.


Old Navy is at the forefront of promoting contactless payment solutions such as Apple Pay. Its customers can now shop at their stores using Apple Pay which is safer, more convenient, and faster than physical cards.

Besides, customers paying via Apple Pay Card can get 3% cashback on every transaction they make through the card.