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Does Ralphs Take Apple Pay?

Walking around with your credit cards in your wallet might cause unnecessary risks; however, all these can be avoided if Ralphs takes Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, you don’t have to risk your wallet being stolen with your credit cards; instead, you just pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not yet supported in any of Ralphs physical or online store outlets at this time. Nevertheless, Ralphs does provide customers with the option to claim and use coupons and discount vouchers on its online store. You may get discounts on purchases made at Ralphs online store by using coupons that they provide.

Continue reading to know more about Ralphs and its Apple Pay payments.

What is Ralphs?

Ralphs is an American grocery store company based in Southern California that serves the region’s residents. It is the oldest chain of its kind west of the Mississippi River and the largest subsidiary of Kroger, which is headquartered in Cincinnati.

Los Angeles-based Ralphs Grocery Co. was founded in 1873 by brothers George Albert & Walter Benjamin Ralphs. For years before, it was designated the city’s Historic Core in the early twentieth century. The area around 5th and Hill was primarily residential, with numerous single-family homes. 

Ralphs’ brother Walter bought out Francis’ half of the firm in 1875, at which point it was renamed the Ralphs Bros. Grocers and began specializing in product sales. It was built in 1876 on the southwest corner of Sixth and Spring, with a two-story design.

Ralphs pioneered self-service marketplaces with checkout stations during the twentieth century. Famous architects were commissioned to construct Ralphs Grocery Store, and Ansel Adams was commissioned to photograph the 1929 structure. While The Giant failed as a retail concept during its 1980s incarnation, it was revived when the firm merged with Food 4 Less and re-launched as a discount retailer.

Today, Ralphs faces competition from Albertsons (including Vons) and Stater Bros. The company promotes itself with the tagline “Fresh Food, Low Prices.” Ralphs has the largest share of the Southern California market.

Does Ralphs Take Apple Pay?

Ralphs does not support Apple Pay or many other mobile wallet services. It applies to both in-store and online transactions.

It’s not just Ralphs but all Kroger-owned stores. As of 2022, Ralphs or Kroger does not appear to have any intentions to use Apple Pay as an approved payment method. Ralphs does not accept Google, Samsung, or any other e-wallet platform as a mode of payment, including Apple Pay. 

Ralphs’ Payment Method

Regarding touch-free, safe payments, Ralph’s must definitely have a counter-proposal to Apple Pay in the works. The mobile wallet application known as Kroger Pay may be used at virtually all Kroger stores, including those owned by the company’s subsidiaries.

In response to Covid-19 in 2020, it was designed to provide customers with a cleaner, less-contact checkout experience. Due to the dwindling usage of Apple Pay, KrogerPay has discontinued connections with the service.

It operates similarly to digital mobile wallets, enabling users to attach several payment cards to the account.

You should make it the default to ensure you remember which card you’ll use to pay. If you wish to change it to a different card, it’s also easy to do so.

Ralphs Cashback and Rewards

You may earn and collect Cash Back Rewards at Kroger by purchasing goods with a particular Cash Back Rewards value. Kroger Cash Back Rewards are earned when you use an eligible Cash Back deal to purchase a product.


Customers may be disappointed to learn that Ralphs does not take Apple Pay, given the growing popularity of the mobile payment system. Using Kroger Pay on your phone is still possible to purchase at Ralphs. This is a contactless payment method that works with Ralphs rewards.

Ralphs has always kept up with the times by adapting to new technology. Whether it’s because of their specialty services or outstanding customer support, they’re your go-to retail store.

To the delight of Ralph’s customers, they offer a one-of-a-kind loyalty reward point program. Have fun shopping at Ralph and paying using their one-of-a-kind digital wallet.