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Does Trader Joe’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple device users may want to know whether Trader Joe’s take Apple Pay. Apple is known for being one of the most prominent brands worldwide. Its payment platform Apple Pay is widely used by IOS users who like to use it at Trader Joe’s.

However, does Trader Joe’s accept Apple Pay? The answer is yes along with other popular digital wallet payment options in its stores. It’s one of the many reasons that this chain of stores is famous all over the US. Another primary reason is its array of fresh organic produce, meats, and seafood. 

Trader Joe’s gives its customers value for money by offering pricing that’s affordable. Apart from its organic produce and affordable prices, customers insist on shopping at Trader Joe’s for its easy payment process.

How Long Has Trader Joe’s Had Apple Pay?

Trader Joe’s works hard to ensure its customers can effortlessly shop in its stores. Apple Pay is one of the ways the company ensures its customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. The store has accepted Apple Pay since 2015. 

Customers load their debit cards, credit cards, or cash on Apple Pay and purchase using their Apple devices. It makes shopping at the store a one-click checkout experience. But is it secure?

Trader Joe’s cares about the customer privacy and protecting personal information. That’s why Apple Pay is part of its mobile wallet options. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial information when paying with Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s.

Advantages of Shopping via Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s?

Since there are other payment options in Trader Joe’s, you may wonder why you should use Apple Pay. Here’s why:

  • You can get cash backs and discounts for adding your debit card to Apple Pay or making payments using it. 
  • Using Apple pay speeds up the payment process for customers. You can pay for products in one click, reducing your time at checkout.
  • You also don’t have to carry your credit or debit cards to go shopping. Simply load your cards on the Apple Pay platform and make your purchases through it.
  • If you choose to shop at Trader Joe’s using cash, you can also load the money on Apple Pay.
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How to Pay for Your Groceries at Trader Joe’s with Apple Pay

When you shop at Trader Joe’s and decide to pay via Apple Pay, here are three ways to do it.  

Load Apple Pay onto your phone and link your credit or debit card. Once you get to the checkout counter, activate the touch ID/ face ID option on your device to verify your identity. 

Next, select the card you want to use to pay for your products. The staff at the checkout counter will use the contactless reader to scan your purchases and automatically register your purchase.

2. Use an Apple Pay Card to Buy Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe’s accepts Apple Pay cards too. In fact, the store gives 3 percent cashback for every transaction you make using an Apple Pay card. 

Trader Joe’s does not enforce any transactional limits regarding the cashback you get. If you take advantage of the cashback offer, you can save a lot of money by using your Apple Pay card at Trader Joe’s.

3. Apple Pay Digital Wallet Options

You could also choose to load money onto your Apple digital wallet. It frees you from having to load your credit or debit cards on Apple Pay. Just load the money you want to use onto your Apple digital wallet and use it to shop. 

These three options are the easiest ways to pay for purchases at Trader Joe’s using Apple Pay. However, you can also pay using cash, EBT, credit and debit cards from mainstream banks, checks, and Trader Joe’s gift cards. 

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Trader Joe’s does not accept link cards or EBT for alcohol, vitamin, or cleaning item purchases. You can only buy food items with them.

Other Advantages of Shopping at Trader Joe’s

Apart from an efficient and straightforward payment system, there are other benefits to shopping at Trader Joe’s. First off, it offers low prices for the best organic products. You cannot find such quality groceries for the prices you see at Trader Joe’s anywhere else.

It’s also easy to locate the nearest Trader Joe’s by logging into the store’s website. When you’re in a hurry and need groceries, it is easier to find a store near you. 

The Trader Joe’s website includes all the information about its products. It gives you a chance to find out about any sales, discounts, and new products at the store. The website even includes a tool for generating a shopping list and also lets you download interesting recipes. That makes the shopping process simpler and more pleasurable.


If you want to verify whether your nearest Trader Joe’s accepts Apple Pay, look for it on the Apple Maps app. Any store that supports Apple Pay has its logo prominently displayed under its website details. Just like Trader Joe’s.