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How Much Cash Back Can You Get At Walmart?

Retailers often provide shoppers with cash back withdrawal services, but how much cash back can you get at Walmart? Aside from the assortment of products and low prices, another benefit attracting shoppers to Walmart is the different cash back options.

At Walmart, you can get cash back when buying something in-store or via its website. Instead of going to your local ATM or bank, you can just use Walmart’s cash back program. It’s the simplest way to reduce ATM withdrawal charges. In fact, you can get up to $100 cash back when making a purchase at any Walmart store.

Cash back is a perk many big retailers in the United States offer. However, depending on your payment method, there is usually a limit to how much cash back you can get.

If you’re wondering how much cash back you can get at Walmart or what the cash limit is, you’ve come to the right place. 

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart Using Credit Card?

If you want to buy something from Walmart with your credit card, you should know that they don’t provide direct cash back for all credit cards. 

The good news is that Walmart’s “cash over” policy allows you to get up to $120 on your Discover credit card. This is one of the few credit cards that will enable you to get “cash over” without incurring additional fees. However, it’s recommended you check with your credit card company on any transaction charges you might incur.

Aside from the Discover credit card, you can also get cash back rewards with the Walmart Capital One credit card. If you shop at Walmart frequently, you should apply for the Walmart Capital One card. 

With this credit card, you can earn 5% cash back on all online transactions, including deliveries and pickup, and 2% cash back on all in-store payments. This card also has a fantastic starting offer. When used with Walmart Pay, you’ll receive 5% in cash back on purchases during your initial year via any Walmart store.

Walmart also offers cash advances on your transaction. However, cash advances do come with fees and interest.  Before agreeing to a cash advance, review your credit card contract to learn about the rates and fees.

Alternatively, you can also get cash back by using your Walmart Money Card for all your in-store and online purchases.  You can get up to 1% cash back and 3% on online purchases when you make purchase in-store. Plus, with the Walmart Money Card app you can use your phone to keep track of your transactions.

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How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart Using Debit Card?

The easiest way to get cash back at Walmart is using a debit card.  When you use a debit card to purchase at any Walmart store, you can get $20 to $100 cash back. 

Simply enter your PIN and the amount you’d like to draw.  You’ll be given cash back from either the self-checkout machine or the cashier, but only after your transaction is processed and approved. From your bank account, the cost of the items bought plus the total cash back required will be deducted. 

You’re only permitted to receive cash back through your debit card in $20 intervals. Therefore, you can only get $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100 at a time.  If you want to get more than $100 in cash back, you can make purchases at different registers or Walmart stores.

There will be no additional Walmart charges. However, your bank may charge you a transaction fee. So, double-check with your bank to determine any potential costs. 

Using a debit card does come with its own set of drawbacks. The amount of cash back you can get may be limited by your debit card daily limit. Your debit card daily limit is the maximum amount of money you can spend each day.

If you request more cash back than your daily limit or the amount of money in your bank account, your card may be declined. You can, nevertheless, ask your bank for a bank overdraft, which allows you to withdraw the amount currently in your bank account or your daily limit. Most banks do, however, charge an overdraft fee.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart Using Personal Check? 

Alternatively, you can pay with a check. Most big retailers in the United States don’t accept personal checks. However, Walmart accepts them as payment for cash back transactions.

Firstly, ensure that the check is made out to Walmart. The total amount written on your check should include the cost of your purchase and the amount of cash back you need. 

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Afterward, make sure to sign the check and fill in the current date. The cashier will then ask you to show your ID to verify your identity.

Finally, the cashier will use Walmart’s check verification process to validate your check and identity. You’ll receive your $20 cash back and receipt once the check has been validated and processed.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart Using Self-Checkout?

Another option is to use a self-checkout. If you use a self-checkout at select Walmart stores, you can get up to $100 in cash back. However, you can only do so up to three times per day. 

You, unfortunately, won’t be able to get cash back at Walmart if you use a check at self-checkout. But you can get cash back if you use a credit or debit card.  The money is then given to you as part of your change.

How Does Walmart Determine Cash Back Limit?

The amount of cash back you can receive will vary depending on the cash register limit at each Walmart store.

Additionally, the type of payment method you use determines the amount of cash back you can receive. For example, if you use a debit card to make a purchase, the cash back limit is $100.

If you want more than $100 cash back from Walmart, you’ll have to make multiple transactions at different cash registers or Walmart stores. This means you can get up to $300 cash back if you make purchases at three different registers in one day. 


While you can get cash back at most big United States retail stores, Walmart has more options.

You can get up to $100 in cash back at Walmart when using your debit or Discover credit card. If you use a personal check to make a purchase, you’ll receive $20 in cash back. 

Cash back transactions can be done at any Walmart registers and self-checkout machines. On the other hand, personal check purchases can only be made at registers.

Apart from the cash back payment options outlined above, you can also get cash back at Walmart’s using in-store ATMs.

Therefore, the Walmart cash back system is the most convenient way to get cash while shopping.