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Content Refresh on Business Website: Why Is It Important for SEO?

Creating fresh content for SEO purposes is something included on the weekly and monthly agenda of each content marketing team. However, if your website already has plenty of articles that were created at least some months ago, the content refresh procedure would be inevitable.

Updating website content is as important as the creation of the new one from the perspective of SEO efforts. In fact, the updated content is capable of bringing lots of benefits that this article will reveal.

How Often To Publish Fresh Content for SEO?

Before getting to the concept of content update, it is necessary to define how often to publish new content first. This would further help to estimate when to update the existing content on the website.

Depending on your particular niche the company operates in and the overall marketing plan, the frequency of content creation could be determined. Another significant factor also relates to whether you have in-house content writers or outsource the article writing tasks. If the latter is the preferred option, make sure to get quality articles for your website.

When making new articles, you should adhere to SEO principles for content creation. Make sure to perform thorough keyword research first, structure the content, design the page, and gain backlinks to it. The latter concept is highly important as it helps people to find your article faster as it appears high on the search results page when the corresponding search queries are made. For that, check this list to get dofollow links that would help your content to be visible on the web.

Fresh content creation and publication is also based on the range of marketing and communication channels you use in your business strategy. In case you heavily rely on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, the creation of short posts would come along with the long-read content for the website.

There is no unique recipe and solution for the right frequency to be established for publishing fresh content. However, fresh content should appear regularly on your website blog and media communication channels. For instance, you might plan to create one new article and publish two posts on social media channels on a weekly basis.

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Even when the frequency of fresh content creation is determined and fixed in the content marketing plan, it could deviate over time. This would be based on the analysis of the article’s performance and social media activity.

What Is the Content Refresh?

As time goes by, some articles might become outdated, while others should be edited from the perspective of keyword optimization. That is why the procedure called the content refresh would be necessary in that case.

Typically, the content update needs to be performed on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. This depends on the number of articles on your blog and the amount of content on your website in general.

So, what is content refresh and why is it crucial for SEO of business websites? In brief, content refresh is the regular review of the existing texts on your resources for the sake of checking their performance and optimizing it. The importance of updating the website content is obvious as it contributes to better ranking for individual articles and the entire domain.

Refreshing old content is done for the sake of driving more traffic to the existing page. Based on the performance indicators shown in Google Analytics or other SEO tools, you will be able to evaluate which web pages require adjustment.

When it refers to the content refresh, it means that other keywords should be selected for the particular article or the content structure should be reviewed. Optimizing keywords is needed when not much traffic is driven to the page. The content restructuration and page redesign is reflected by high bounce rates indicating that people do not stay on the page for long, so the readability should be improved.

An important point that everyone forgets about is updating photos. And photos greatly affect the conversion. It often happens that the content is rewritten, the design of the site is updated, and the same photos are sometimes used for 10+ years.

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If these are graphic illustrations, then in 10 years they do not look modern and resemble WordArt from 2000. The situation is the same with photographs, sometimes they are of very low quality with poor post-processing. Therefore, select new pictures on free photo stocks, retouch old photos or better make new ones.

Another tool that helps to update content is the embedded plugins on your WordPress website. Check the ones at that have enormous potential in helping out with content creation, keyword optimization, and other useful feature of on-page SEO.

The Reasons Updated Content Performs Better

Any website is certainly a place where new, old, and updated content types co-exist together. That is why all of those content types equally contribute to the overall website performance and the overall success.

When it comes to the old content, it should be regularly updated to stay beneficial for the overall website performance. This procedure should also be done for the articles that refer to some events or occasions that happened in the past and have no relation to the present or future.

Reviewing content is also beneficial in the sense that it helps to drive more traffic by substituting the keywords that do not perform well. Using the dedicated SEO tools will help to discover what search requests are made and what keywords should be utilized then.

Final Thoughts

Very often it happens that once published the content does not get modified further. Companies usually focus on new articles and do not pay much attention to the ones created some time ago. In fact, reviewing content is an essential procedure that each company needs to implement in its marketing strategy. It helps to reuse the existing content for the sake of the traffic increase and better position on search engines.