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Twesocial Review – It's A Game Changer

Twesocial Review – It’s A Game Changer

Twesocial Review

Twitter may not be on the top rung of the ladder in the social media industry, but it is on the top four rungs. It sits just below Facebook and Instagram with 330 million active monthly users.

Why do people use Twitter as part of their marketing strategy? According to statistics, Twitter experiences over 500 million tweets per day. It is also a social platform that caters to people between 35 and 65, with most of them being male.

Like the majority of the giants in social media platforms, Twitter is challenging for marketers, businesses, brands, and influencers to get noticed. That is why they turn to automation, buying followers, and other outsourcing methods of growth and engagement.

The following review of Twesocial will discuss how this service works, if it is safe, and the pros and cons of its services.

What is Twesocial?

Twesocial Followers

Twesocial is a company that specializes in audience targeting by working with your Twitter account, focusing on specific hashtags in an effort to seek out your ideal niche audience.

Twesocial claims to offer the best Twitter growth available online today. This service is affordable and provides you with personal managers to help you throughout the process.

You get niche targeting, weekly reports, and support to help you narrow your target market to get the best results possible.

Transparency related to their services on the website let you know that their managers will work for you and you get to choose how much input you want in the process.

What Are Twesocial’s Main Features?

Twesocial Features

The goal of Twesocial is to deliver high-quality, real followers at competitive rates so that you experience real Twitter growth safely and securely. They do this via customized campaigns that include features such as:

  • No Fake Followers
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Audience Targeting
  • Priority Support
  • Double Your Exposure

These features depend on which package you choose, the Regular or the Pro package.

Is Twesocial Safe?

Twesocial Pricing

There is nothing on the website, in the reviews, or online to indicate that Twesocial is not a safe Twitter growth service.

So far, they have proven themselves to be trustworthy, reliable, and honest. They are forthcoming about their service and they leave nothing to chance.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Twesocial?

It is not often that we get to report on a service like this without any major cons involved, but there is nothing overtly negative about Twesocial that we found in our research.


  • Secure Site: The website is secure, so your actions are protected and safe.
  • Safe Payment System: A verified payment system is in place on the website, so your payment information is safe and secure.
  • Visible Pricing: They feature transparency in pricing as well as other features that they offer. There is nothing hidden from you.
  • Help & FAQ Page: There is a helpful and efficient FAQ page that helps you understand the service and how it works. Not only that, but they also have a help page and a blog to further your knowledge on how this kind of service helps boost your Twitter presence and how you can be involved if you want.
  • Phone and Email Form: One of the telltale signs that a business intends to stick around for the long haul is a system that offers phone and email forms on the website. That is how they maintain their database of users to reach out when they need to inform you that there is site maintenance or if something is getting upgraded, etc. This is an accountability measure we can appreciate.
  • 24/7 Support: 24/7 support is available through their customer support team so that you can get help with whatever you need any time day or night. This is a special feature that we do not often see in these services, which makes it stand out from the rest.
  • Real Reviews: There are real, genuine reviews on their website, which is another rarity in this industry.


  • Twitter Only: This service caters only to Twitter.

Review Final Thoughts

The benefits Twesocial claims to offer include:

  • Boosting Your Exposure – Puts your Twitter profile in front of real people without bots.
  • Advanced Targeting – Reaches more targeted followers so you get relevant growth and engagement.
  • Set It and Forget It – You can let the managers do it all for you, or you can be as involved as you choose with the strategy.

It is not an easy task to prove yourself in this industry today. Twesocial has built a stellar reputation with their users and they protect them with top-notch security and safety protocols.

I hope my review helped!