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UseViral Review

UseViral Reviews 2024 – Is It Worth It?

UseViral Reviews 2024

UseViral claims to be the “best place to boost your social media” on its website. The following UseViral review will show you the features, prices, and other elements of this service that its users find so appealing. 

Where can UseViral be helpful?

It’s helpful for use on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, SoundCloud, Clubhouse, Twitch, Discord, Pinterest, and more.

If you’re seeking more followers, UseViral claims that their services help you organically grow your follower base on social media. Also, it helps with website traffic.

Let’s uncover more in this UseViral review.

What is UseViral?


UseViral is a social media service that helps you grow your social media pages and profiles. It helps brands and businesses to gain engagements and exposure to enhance their value.

This social media growth service delivers high-quality and real growth that won’t drop off over time.

Since drop-off followers and engagement is common with many social media growth services, this is one of those things that sets them apart from some others that offer similar services.

Let’s break this service down by features next, and then we will discuss how it works across a few specific social media networks.

What Features Make UseViral Effective?


This social media growth service claims to promise these five things:

  1. Quality Service
  2. High-Quality Followers
  3. Fast Delivery
  4. Secure Payment Gateway
  5. Automatic Refill (if chosen)

The company also says they use credible people to engage with your social media networks. 

These promises are essentially the features of the service. The services include followers for multiple social media outlets. 

Here are the services offered by UseViral:

Social Marketing

UseViral says they will promote your social media account through a network of social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and more. 


This service has more than 5,000 partners that promote content across multiple apps and sites. 

Customer Support

According to our sources, UseViral has a support team that goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting the most relevant and interested followers to your content on social sites and websites. 

Maximum Results

While guaranteed results aren’t common in the social media growth industry, UseViral can make guarantees of good results (though they will vary).

Therefore, you will be getting what you’re paying for with this service.

What Specific Services Are Offered for Social Media Networks?

UseViral Services

Besides offering top-notch social marketing, influencer partnerships, customer support, and guaranteed results, UseViral offers specific engagements for social media and website traffic.

Let’s take a look at the offerings. 

Instagram Promotion Services

The power of Instagram and its reach across the globe means you need to use it for your social marketing. If you’re not, you won’t get the engagement you need to do more than survive. 

UseViral says they offer real IG promotions with fast delivery. From the website, here are the services you can buy for Instagram promotion.

  • Followers 
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Impressions
  • Story Views
  • IG Reels Views
  • Story Likes
  • Reels Likes
  • Live Views
  • Female Followers
  • GEO Targeted Followers (UK, USA etc)
  • Post Reach
  • Poll Votes
  • Mentions
  • Profile Visits

In total, there are 18 Instagram promotion services offered by the UseViral company.

Facebook Promotion Services

Facebook, like Instagram should also play a major role in your social marketing strategy. It’s a strong influence all over the world. 

Facebook is a little bit different from Instagram even though it owns the social media site, but you can buy quality services including: 

  • Followers
  • Post Likes
  • Fanpage Likes
  • Reviews
  • Live Viewers
  • Video Views
  • Comments
  • Votes
  • Friend Requests
  • Comment Likes
  • Comment Replies
  • Post Shares 
  • Reactions
  • Website Traffic
  • Website Likes

In this instance, you can buy 15 services to promote Facebook content. 

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Twitter Promotion Services

Even with all the controversy surrounding Twitter, it still has a lot of influence in the social media realm.

Therefore, if you have a business or brand, Twitter should be an important part of your marketing plan. 

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Video Views

Twitter promotional services are fewer than Facebook and Instagram because of the nature of Twitter. It’s one method of getting your brand and business the exposure it needs

YouTube Promotion Services

YouTube is a search engine as much, if not more, than a search engine all its own. Google owns YouTube, so that makes sense.

Video content is one of the top ways to gain exposure, build an audience, and build a business or brand. 

That said, let’s see you can buy from UseViral to promote your content on this video streaming service.

  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Likes
  • Watch Hours
  • Live Views
  • Comments
  • Monetized Account

What are these 7 services important? YouTube has guidelines that a channel must follow before they can properly monetize and earn revenue from YouTube videos. 

You need 4,000 watch hours over a 12-month period and at least 1,000 channel subscribers to qualify for YouTube monetization. 

It’s hard to wait and to get there on your own. UseViral can help get you started.

TikTok Promotion Services

TikTok’s short form video is fast-becoming very important to gaining exposure for today’s brands, businesses, and influencers. Therefore, UseViral offers promotional services for this social media outlet. 

What can you buy for TikTok promotions?

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Like Views
  • Shares

If you have fun and unique TikTok video content, but you’re getting nowhere with it, UseViral can help boost your account. 

Other UseViral Promotion Services

We have discussed some of the top social media promotional services offered by UseViral.

However, they also deliver quality promotional services for Twitch, LinkedIn, Spotify, SoundCloud, Clubhouse, OnlyFans, Pinterest, Discord, Telegram, Snapchat, Reddit, and several others.

As mentioned, UseViral also helps to promote website traffic. 

Next, we’ll look at pricing.

What’s UseViral Pricing?

Since pricing varies according to the promotional service you buy, we will include specific packages to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for UseViral’s services.

  • Instagram Likes start at $19.99 for 50 likes and go up to 5,000 likes for $299.99. 
  • Facebook comments start at $5.00 for 10 comments and go up to $18.00 for 75 comments. 
  • Twitter video views start at $9.00 for 500 and go up to $190.00 for 15,000 video views. 
  • YouTube subscribers start at $29.00 for 100 subscribers and go up to $2,249.00 for 30,000 subscribers. 
  • TikTok Followers start at $5.00 for 100 followers and go up to $399.00 for 25,000 followers.
  • Targeted Geo traffic to your website is charged per session. For $2.99, you can get 1,000 sessions. The biggest package on the site for this without customizing your package is 100,000 websites sessions for $99.00.

This should give you some idea of how the pricing structure on UseViral works. You pay for how many engagements, views, or sessions. UseViral is known for being fair with their pricing, so be ready to see much larger amounts from lesser competitors. 

How Do You Get Started with UseViral?


To get started getting more exposure to your content, go to the UseViral website. Make sure you take a look around from the “Services” dropdown menu to see everything they offer. 

Feel free to check out a variety of promotional solutions before you settle on something. Be sure to choose something that fits your needs.

Once you feel familiar with the offerings, select the social media or other promotional service you want from the dropdown menu. 

Next, choose the type of engagement/promotion you want. For instance, if you want YouTube subscribers, choose that from the list on the YouTube offerings page.

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Next you will pay for the promotional service you selected via their secure payment system. 

You should hear from them soon after your order to discuss what they can do for your growth and engagement. This is an initial consultation, just so you know what to expect. 

Does UseViral Work?

UseViral Reviews & Testimonials

In one word, yes. UseViral works. This company strives to deliver high-quality services and real followers and engagements to its customers.

Real engagement is the only way to truly boost your marketing.

We like that they offer multiple promotional services for multiple platforms. It’s nice for a change not to have to search for other companies for engagement when it’s basically all on UseViral. 

If you want to customize your package beyond what they have plainly listed on the website you can do that.

Just choose what you want, and contact them for details on how to get customization.

The superb customer service and support is available 24/7, which is a nice change of pace over most growth services.

What Are the Benefits of Using UseViral?

When comparing UseViral against several other social media growth companies on the market, we discovered that UseViral offers the most and best benefits of all. 

Besides the fact that they offer multiple promotions for multiple platforms, they also come with other advantages.

UseViral’s network is quite large, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can deliver top-quality Instagram likes and followers, YouTube subscribers and views, TikTok likes, Geo targeted website traffic, and other promotional services and engagements. 

Here is a list of the benefits we put together for you.

Genuine Social Media Growth

Real, and authentic social media growth is the cornerstone of success.

Once your promotions kick in, you will find that you will gain more organic followers and engagement because of UseViral’s service.

Reputational Boost

Social proof is part of gaining a strong and solid reputation on social media and online. This is something that UseViral promotional services offers you.

It’s vital in today’s online climate to build and maintain a good reputation. When you do, you will grow even more. 

Cross-Platform Marketing Solution

UseViral is a cross-platform marketing solution that allows you to grow your audience and increase your exposure virtually everywhere online.

Whether you need website traffic, YouTube watch hours, Facebook likes, Twitter video views, or other social media promotions, you can get it from this service provider.

Balance in Ratios

Social media networks often have guidelines related to your follower to engagement ratio, so UseViral’s packages help you get and maintain that balance.

You would be surprised at how many social media accounts get caught with more engagements than possible according to their follower count.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ration balances on social media platforms. 

Superior Algorithm Performance

Algorithms are often considered the marketers nemesis, but with UseViral, that’s one nemesis you won’t have to worry about.

This company offers methods that help you get more traction even against the algorithms that usually cause you to struggle.

So, you can grow online without the usual obstacles that algorithms put in your way.

These are just the benefits we felt were the most important. There are more that you will experience with UseViral.

Final Thoughts

After examining and evaluating UseViral, we have determined it to be safe, effective, efficient, and fast. In other words, we recommend this social media promotional service.

The company delivers as promised, and it offers benefits you need to get your content seen.

If you need to grow any of your social media accounts or your website traffic, we believe in UseViral.