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Best Apps to Get More Instagram Followers

10 Best Apps to Get More Instagram Followers

Followers are a crucial part of any Instagram account. The more followers you have, the more are the chances for your business to attract customers.

Even if you’re a content creator, more followers provide you with a plethora of opportunities to expose your talent to new audiences. So, everyone wants a large followers list. But the question is, how to get followers?

Of course, your content remains the most important element, but there’s more to attracting followers which can be extremely difficult and tiring to implement regularly.

This’s why there are Instagram growth services that help you bring or deliver followers to your account instantly.

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 applications you can use to get more Instagram followers.

Let’s get started…



Growthoid is a brilliant Instagram growth and marketing tool the focuses on targeting specific followers and brings them to your account.

You must not confuse Growthoid as an automation tool because they claim to use real engagement techniques to attract followers.

Main Features

Profile Targeting

Random followers having little to no interest in your work or niche don’t help you grow a healthy follower base rather degrade the value of it. Hence, it’s important to attract only real followers who will appreciate your work and are genuinely interested in your niche.

This’s where Growthoid shines because it takes your help for targeting people. You have to create a list of all the accounts you feel are your potential followers and Growthoid will target only those or similar accounts.

There’s a Guarantee

Growthoid offers you a 14-day money-back guarantee and easy refund policy if you feel you’re not getting what they had promised you while purchasing their plan or subscription.

You can also cancel anytime.

Fast growth

Growthoid works a mediator between your content and potential followers by marketing your content to them. Hence, your growth entirely depends on the quality of the content you create. But they claim their clients see a growth of 800-1500 new followers per month.



Growthsilo is an organic growth service for Instagram. It offers all the top features in the industry, from targeting profiles to fully managed end-to-end service.

Main Features

Audience Targeting

With Growthsilo you can target only the audience relevant to your content. This’s a great way to build a loyal fan base. After choosing a plan, you’ll be assigned a growth account manager that’ll create campaigns for your account based on the accounts you want to target.

Growthsilo Isn’t a Bot

Instagram doesn’t entertain bots that manipulate their algorithm to increase engagement of accounts. Also, Instagram bans accounts that use bots.

With Growthisilo, you don’t have to worry about this. They’re a social media management company that uses manual growth techniques to provide you with real results.

They Offer a Guarantee

Growthsilo offers a 3-day money-back guarantee on its subscription plans. You don’t have to sign any contracts with them and hence cancel anytime. But it’s unlikely that you would do it because Growthsilo is well known for its results.

More Likes


More Likes is a magic wand that will increase your followers in no time. Once you upload a picture or video, it’ll automatically detect it and deliver you likes.

This’ll help you to attract more followers.

Main Features

No Fake with More Likes

Fake followers or likes are an immense problem because they never engage with your content. With More Likes, you don’t have to worry about this because they only deliver real results from real users.

It Is Safe

Safety is something you can’t ignore with online services. When you share your login details with applications, there remains a risk of information misuse.

More Likes eliminates this problem. It’ll never ask you for sensitive information. All it needs is your IG username, and you’re all set to receive your results.

Control Your Speed

Do you want people accusing you to be involved in unfair means of gaining engagement?

Obviously not. But this can happen if you end up receiving a massive engagement in a short time. This’s where More Likes is a lifesaver. You can control the speed at which you want your likes and followers to be delivered. That way you can make sure your account grows gradually.

Guarantee and Cancelation

More Likes has immense confidence in its hard work and results. But if you still have doubts and somehow not satisfied with the service, you have the option to trigger a money-back guarantee within 3 days. You can also cancel anytime, as there are no contracts involved.


StormLikes Instagram Followers

Stormlikes is all you need to grow your Instagram followers base. With its amazing targeting features, you can narrow down your audience based on location and gender.

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Main Features

Real Results

You can’t stress enough when it comes to receiving real results. Stormlikes works behind your account to bring you results that provide value to you and your audience.

Location and Gender Targeting

With Stormlikes you can request to receive likes from a specific gender. This’s incredibly helpful if your brand is based around a specific gender.

You can also request likes from the country of your choice, which is a great positive if you’re targeting local followers.

World-Class Customer Support

When you invest in an online service, it’s good to have help on every step to help you use the service smoothly. Also, when you face problems after purchasing a plan, you want the customer team to understand and help you solve issues.

This’s where Stormlikes shines with its professional customer support. You can contact their team anytime and expect a friendly response.

Free Trial and Faq Page

Straomlikes offers a free trial for interested customers and provides 10 free likes to them to showcase their service. They also have a FAQ page that divides questions into three categories: Onetime packages, General questions and Subscription plans.

This means you’ll find the answer to almost all your questions. If you still have questions, you can always turn to their customer support.


UseViral Instagram Followers

Useviral is an online growth service that provides tons of features to drive growth on social media platforms.

Main Features

All-Round Marketing

Useviral does an incredible job at promoting your content across various online platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even Reddit.

High-Quality Results

The quality of your followers plays a crucial part in your Instagram success journey. UseViral has a vast base of over 5000 web partners that’ll promote your account.

This’s means you’ll get only high-quality followers that’ll stick to your content for a long time.

Professional Support

With UseViral, you’re just a step away from solving all your service related problems. Their customer team not only understands your problems but also solves it for you without wasting your valuable time.

Your Account Won’t Get Banned

This is a question people often ask because Instagram strictly monitors accounts who use bots and are involved in malicious activities.

UseViral makes sure that the engagement they provide is natural to Instagram’s algorithm and doesn’t look spammy.


SidesMedia Instagram Followers

SidesMedia is another tool which comes with smooth features and targeting options to help you earn more followers.

Main Features

Delivers Real Followers

SidesMedia has relations with networks of people, and influencers who get paid a share for following you.

The major benefit of such a system is that you can be assured that accounts following you are real.

SidesMedia uses only organic methods and interactions to promote your hard worked content so that you can have the followers you deserve.

It Is Safe

If you won’t provide sensitive data in the first place, then people can’t misuse it.

Simple, right?

That’s exactly SidesMedia does. It won’t ask you to provide any such information while acquiring or using their services.

There’s No Free Trial

You might be confused and eager to ask: How is this a feature? It’s a good question that SidesMedia answers with its results. By not offering a free trial, they are entirely focused on the paid clients. This way SidesMedia provides the best results.

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant doesn’t promote your content to target profiles rather it leverages the power of hashtags to bring you followers.

Hashtags are a crucial a part of any content strategy and when used properly can yield exceptional results.

Hashtags not only categorieses your content but also do an incredible job in exposing it in front of the right audience.

Main Features

One-Click Magic

Using and finding hashtags are two different stories altogether.

While using involves simply adding hashtags to your posts, finding is more of a tedious task that involves research and competitor analysis.

This’s where TaskAnt really shines with its one-click feature. It lets you find over 100s of relevant hashtags with just one-click.

Hashtag Analytics

Measuring performance of your content is critical for deciding future strategies. This story is true for hashtags. If you know which hashtags are working for you and which aren’t, you can make informed decisions next time you use them in your posts.

TaskAnt has a Hashtag analytics feature that tells you all about the performance of the hashtags you used and tracks them for you.

Create Sets

You want a quick and effortless way to find and use hashtags. Even though TaskAnt suggests you hashtags with just a click, it can be tedious depending on the activities you’ve for the day.

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To solve this problem, TaskAnt lets you create hashtag sets you can use whenever you want. This’s a great way to save your top-performing hashtags without searching for them again.

Upcoming Secrets

TaskAnt is improving with some amazing additional features:

  • Content planner: Using this feature, you can create your content library with TaskAnt and plan ahead of time.
  • Post scheduler: This feature will help you schedule all your posts to save you from the last minute runs.

Application Advantage

Imagine having TaskAnt at the tip of your finger. Wouldn’t it be great to use all these amazing features without logging in repeatedly?

You can do this with TaskAnt because it has a mobile application for both android and iOS platforms.

Contact and Guarantee

TaskAnt also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you feel you wasted your money with them. You can also cancel anytime. If you rather face problems or become confused while using their services, you can contact TaskAnt with a form listed on their website or just use the phone number. Instagram Followers is all about automation and a combination of various organic techniques to help you grow your Instagram followers.

Main Features

Organic Results

Organic results are a rare commodity these days when it comes to online growth services.

But this’s not the case with which thrives on delivering genuine likes and story views to you. It uses only proper techniques that provide you value and engagement.

World-Class Targeting

If you’re serious about attracting people to follow you, then you must target them properly. With you can target your desired audience based on their location, interests and hashtags.

Such varieties of targeting filters can help you gain an edge over your competitors and pick relevant followers who’ll love your content.

Fast Deliveries

With you just need to focus on creating the best content because all the likes and comments will come to you automatically within minutes of purchasing a plan.

Excellent Support is eager to help you with all your problems related to placing order, plans, or results. They have one of the best customer teams to assist you throughout your journey of using their service.


SocialViral Instagram Followers

As the name suggests, SocialViral helps you go viral on social media platforms. It’s another growth tool that offers amazing features to increase your followers’ base.

Main Features

Instant Results

SocialViral makes the entire process of receiving results smooth and quick. You’ll have several plans to choose from depending on your budget and requirements.

After you’re done with it, SocialViral will deliver your results within 12 hours.

No Password Required

You don’t have to give your login details or sensitive data to SocialViral. They only need your Instagram username to deliver the purchased results.

Plenty to Offer

SocialViral is well-known for its variety of plans. You can choose from a multitude of categories like followers, likes, views, auto-likes and comments.

All these plans are inexpensive by a mile when compared to other services in this niche.

Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram Followers

Finally, we have media mister.

This’s a social media management service that has been helping people since a long time and offers a plethora of features and plans like Instagram likes, followers, comments, emoji comments, impressions, saves, views, Instagram Story views, and mentions, depending on your requirements.

Main Features

It Is Safe

With Media mister safety works in two ways:

  • Secure site: Media Mister uses high-level encryption to protect your data from misuse. Hence, you can trust their site while doing tractions. Also, they never ask for your login details.
  • Gradual growth: They deliver the results gradually to help you maintain a stable growth rate so that people won’t doubt you or Instagram doesn’t ban your account.

Real Engagement

Again, this point keeps coming up and Media Mister does a magnificent job in proving its worth by providing real engagement to its customers.

You can also purchase likes and views to increase your engagement ratio to show potential followers you’re worthy of a follow.

Contacting Is Easy

There are two ways to get in touch with the Media mister team. First one is a contact form present in the footer section of their website and the second way is to mail them. You can even use the live chat feature they offer.


There you’ve it, 10 killer applications to get more Instagram followers.

Each application comes its unique set of features to help you target your relevant audience and yields effective results.

While you can use these applications to drive your growth, it’s crucial to create high-quality content for your account.